2019-12-21 'One More Round (Day)'

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The Bar Gym holds regular shows at the Charmandean Centre in Worthing. These shows feature Boxing, Kickboxing, K1 and MMA.

The Bar Gym's events are usually in two parts with light contact amateur and novice as a daytime show plus full contact championship as an evening show.

Please Note - If you have the ability to play Blu-ray on a dedicated player or game system, Blu-ray gives a far superior image quality compared to DVD.

01. Jim Fox v Mitchell Foster
02. Lee Tomassi v Ian Childs
03. Max Ashwood v Ricky Gurung
04. Rosalind Smith v Jacqueline Coughlin
05. Riley Dunn v Lukas Daubaras
06. Mindaugas Daubaras v Erik Antropik
07. Jack Fawcett v Sebastian Garcia
08. Billy Wills v Sam Benger-Wells
09. Dru Cannon v Mitchell Foster
10. Jamie Filce v Ben Clifferd
11. Janis Miglinieks v Adam Spittles
12. Amy Jenner v Kirsti Martin