2019-12-21 'One More Round'

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The Bar Gym holds regular shows at the Charmandean Centre in Worthing. These shows feature Boxing, Kickboxing, K1 and MMA.

The Bar Gym's events are usually in two parts with light contact amateur and novice as a daytime show plus full contact championship as an evening show.

Please Note - If you have the ability to play Blu-ray on a dedicated player or game system, Blu-ray gives a far superior image quality compared to DVD.

01. Richard Simmons v Nick Brewer
02. Kieran Magson v Will Clarke
03. Darius Minkatov v Ali Gorur
04. Barry Keegan v Alex Jarrett
05. Jaydon Leahy v Charlie Harford
06. Kieron Cooper v Luke Massey
07. Ben Hubbai v Hamsa Slimany
08. Mike Bro v Harry France
09. Kyle Wightman v Andy Beavis
10. Tommy Munn v Adam Hodges
11. Darren Bushby v Amro Joseph
12. Jacob Wells v Josh Thisleton
13. Eski v Steve Cook