2018-05-26 'Redemption - Day Show'

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XMA hold regular shows at the Charmandean Centre in Worthing. These shows feature Boxing, Kickboxing, K1 and MMA.

XMA's events are usually in two parts with light contact amateur and novice as a daytime show plus full contact championship as an evening show.

The fight card is not 100% but if there is doubt, I will contact you with a photo for confirmation.

01. Chris Robey v Matt Stanley
02. Rob Hancock v Chris Wrighton
03. Leon Hockley v Daniel Raven
04. George Radenhurst v Jack Warne
05. Harry Radenhurst v Charlie Fairs
06. Henry Wood v Wayne Morgan
07. Fraser Earl v Billy Willis
08. John Baylis v Martin Welch
09. Richard Simmons v Shaun Weller
10. Toby Wiles v Jack Warne
11. Nick Brewer v ??
12. Nick Brewer v ??