2017-12-16 'The Last Gladiator - Day'

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XMA hold regular shows at the Charmandean Centre in Worthing. These shows feature Boxing, Kickboxing, K1 and MMA.

XMA's events are usually in two parts with light contact amateur and novice as a daytime show plus full contact championship as an evening show.

Fight Card:
01. Harvey Carrington v Taylor Harris
02. George Radenhurst v Luke Field
03. Callum Angus v Mateo
04. Mark Forrester v Theo White
05. Luke Young v Lewis Hustwayte
06. Olly Stowe v Harry Radenhurst
07. Sam Benger-Wells v Kian Taylor
08. Archie Constable v Joe Widdows
09. Leema Ahmed v Leigh Hart
10. Voirin Aymeric v Max Filleul
11. Ryan Wilson v Max Turner-Jones
12. Tom Wilson v Luka Mise-Holt
13. Jed McBride v Matthew Bradbury
14. Zac Morgan v Jack Osman
15. Callum Wells v Henry Wood
16. Callum v Mark Forrester
17. Ben Glasier v Fraser Cook