2017-04-15 'Return of the Gladiator'

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Gym Xtreme hold regular shows at the Charmandean Centre in Worthing. These shows feature Boxing, Kickboxing, K1 and MMA.

Gym Xtreme's events are usually in two parts with light contact amateur and novice as a daytime show plus full contact championship as an evening show.

01. Ben Tunnicliffe v Owen Shannon
02. Darren Parker v Ryan Gunnel
03. Amina Musajeva v Rachael Stamp
04. Lexi Rock v Danielle Minter
05. Ben Glashier v Mike Oakley
06. Toby Collins v Dan Heybourn
07. Jordan Rome v Peter Flake
08. Barry Keegan v Alan Naylor
09. Adam Lane v Dan Tindal
10. Mark Curicov v Rhyss Bruniel
11. Liam Keane v James Heybourn
12. Jason Bint v Anthony Kannike
13. Daryl Seaman v Craig Beck
14. Jim Fox v Harry Brewster
15. Ben Smart v James Tindal
16. Harry Cowley v Callum Cranfield
17. Matt Plumstead v Callum London
18. Josh Kitson v Ian Lester
19. Ryan Jenkins v Justin Fry
20. Aaron Cooper v Ben Rawlings
21. Michelle Biggs v Lynn Ford
22. Rob Roads v Nick Kingshot
23. Michal Wrobel v Ed Haines